31 December 2010

Reeyen's 1st Haircut

My Baby and her 1st haircut.

24 December 2010

Merry Christmas

From me and my family Merry Christmas to all!!! :)

25 November 2010

Body clock messing arround!

Just when I thought everything is alright, you come and you woke me up! what's the big deal!? I slept around 12 and you came, waking me up at 3am! what's up with that?! and it's already 4am and you still don't want me to go back to bed! You know you have the power over me.. please let me sleep.!

21 October 2010


It's been one week since we arrive here at Sweden, a lot has happened on our 1st day here we got lost for 3 plus hours on our way home we tag that event as "A walk to remember" haha, imagine getting lost on the street on a very cold weather and it's our 1st day, yeah we tried asking for direction but seems like the people we asked don't know the place that we are asking, it's really frustrating for us not knowing where to go and we are freezing, well the highlight of that night we managed to find our place! yes we survived!!!!

On our 2nd day we decided not to go out and just rest for the whole day, then me and my roomie decided to go out and drop by the place of our other 2 colleague but to our surprise we just can't find their place and o yes! we are lost again, after giving up on finding the place of our other colleague we decided just to go to the grocery and grab dinner for ourselves but o yes we just can't find where the grocery is were still lost hehe.. but after hours of walking we finally found the grocery!!!! wohooo now how to get back home! oh yes we got back home without getting lost!!! wohoooooooo!!!!!

Sunday we  asked our colleague to drop by our place so that we can go out and have a tour in Stockholm getting to Stockholm was an adventure too because oh yes we got lost again but getting lost that time is okay because we are touring the city.. we manage to get home that day without getting lost.

Our office here in the Stockholm is great we are hoping to get the same office in Manila, we have great officemates. I'm having a great time working with my new company.

16 October 2010

11 October 2010

08 October 2010

NBA 2K11

Everybody is talking about this game NBA 2K11. Grab a copy now!

05 October 2010

Signing Out of D&V

Last Monday was my last day in D&V BPO Services I've worked with them as the senior .net developer, I had some of my 1st in this company, one of the 1st that I would never forget is when they send my team to Netherlands in Echt to have an on the job training we stayed there for i thing 4-5 weeks. 

I'm surely going to miss my officemates specially my teammates in D&V it's been a pleasure working with you guys.. :) 

Till we meet again friends...will miss you all.. 

02 October 2010

01 October 2010

Google Chrome

I've been using Google Chrome for almost 2 years. I'm very satisfied with it's speed and simplicity. What I like about Google Chrome is that it is fast, safe, and most of all when it crashes it only crashes the tab and not the whole browser. 

Today I went to a press conference of Google Chrome where in they presented a local content for Google Chrome Extension and Themes.

Pictures from the event

Thanks to Aileen for the Invite. :)

30 September 2010

27 September 2010

Strike a Pose!

Reeyen striking a pose after a foreigner ask to take her photo.

House / Lot Hunting

This is the only image I've taken in the entire house hunting this is in Somerset Pasig.

Today we went out to check out on some house / lot that we are interested in, we checked on 3 sites but I only remember 2 of them the house at Somerset Pasig and in Grand Monaco also in Pasig. This 2 sites stands the best for me. 

The house that we went on Somerset caught my attention the best cause in my opinion it has a good location and a very good community. It has wide road and good house designs, although it is quit pricey but I think it is worth it.

Then the Lot that at Grand Monaco, still not expensive cause it is still in it's pre-selling stage, but there are house that i think 70% finished. What I like about this site it is near C5 and near Mandaluyong, Taguig, Makati , QC. so it's a plus point for me still decision has to be made this week.

So what will it be Somerset or Grand Monaco???

20 September 2010

Gift Mug

A week after my birthday a friend gave me this mug as a gift  for my birthday. thanks to Rocel! 

 [ day 7 ]

19 September 2010

Jazz Residence

Our tour

Living room


Dinning room

Late last year I decided to get a condo in Makati and I got the Jazz Residence in Makati along Jupiter St. today I saw the actual finish of the condo that I bought.

I'm not really happy when I saw it. It looks really small for me. but still a good investment..

18 September 2010

Canon Selphy 1st Prints

This is are the 1st prints from my Canon Selphy which I buy last Wednesday.

day 5

17 September 2010

Stuck in Traffic

Friday traffic at Ayala Ave. Buti na lang flexi time.. 

[day 4 ]

16 September 2010

Day in the office

This was taken on my last few days in this office. will surely miss all my colleague. 

day 3

15 September 2010

Canon Selphy

After months of planning I finally bought my own photo printer. 
This Printer is commonly use in photo booths

[day 2]

14 September 2010

What's that look?

what's that look?

[day 1]

My Birthday

Yesterday marks my 30th year alive! wow I'm that old but nah.. age is just a number it does not represent me :) hehhe.. 

I had a wonderful birthday celebration, my friends greeted me(special thanks to Facebook) and I spend it with the people important to me.

Thanks to all that remembered my birthday and being part of it.

Day 1:

12 September 2010

Bread Noodles

Today my merienda was Lucky Me Pancit Canton(Chili Mansi) & Garlic Bread. Sarap!

11 September 2010

Beware! Killer!

killed a dozen of rats and 4 cat's!

Just yesterday I learned that my dog Tyra killed another cat, an adult cat! Again!, I don't know why she do this but I think it is all on instinct. The 1st time she killed a cat was I think years ago. So cat's beware! I don't want you to fall victim to my dog. to all the cat's that my dog killed it's not her fault, she's just acting on instinct to the rats that's been lurking outside our house your next! stay out or die! :) 

10 September 2010

Blue Screen of Death

I was hit by the Blue Screen of Death last Thursday!!! It's a good thing that I already saved all my work that time whew.... I'm using Windows 7.

09 September 2010

Reeyen on Where is

This is my baby Reeyen she's 1yr and 6months old here in this video :)

03 September 2010


Time flies so fast it's already September and I'm hoping that this month would be my lucky month, so far so good.. there are blessing coming in my way :) hope this will continue till next year oh luck don't leave me hehe.. 

September is also my birth month, on this month another year will past and another year will start for me. I hope just like last year it will all go smoothly.  

A lot has happened last year I think the highlight of my previous year is when my daughter Reeyen turned 1yr old and Me going outside the country, It was my 1st time going of the country well I can say that experience is one memorable one. Reeyen turning one this is one event I would never forget in my Life.. 

Since my new year will start in a few day's I'm wondering what this new year has in store for me. :) ... Never the less I will make sure it will still be as memorable as last year or even greater than last year... :)

30 August 2010

Beware of dogs!

Bewere of Dog.

While driving yesterday I came across this sign. I never thought that I will come across such sign. Who let dogs out woof woof . hehe.

17 August 2010

Buti na lang my Eggnog

Buti na lang my Eggnog sa pantry so sobrang busy ko ngayon araw di na ako nakapag merienda kahit gutom na ako. di kasi ako makatayo sa kinauupuan ko dahil meron akong kailangan tapusin. Hangang sa dumating sa point na di ko na talaga kaya, kaya tumayo na ako para kumuha ng tubig pang tawid gutom hehe.. pag dating ko ng pantry kumuha kaagad ako ng tubig at nakita ko yun apparador na lalagyanan ng food dito sa office sa unang tingin nakita ko yun skyflakes sabi ko ay ayaw ko tapos bigla ko nakita yun eggnog, sabi ko ayos mas masarap sa skyflakes at mas my lasa. kaya buti na lang my eggnog ngayon ubos na yun eggnog kahit papano wala na gutom ko. hehhee. now back to work.. 

16 August 2010

New 500 Peso Bill

I Stumble on the new 500 peso bill.. nice :) 

12 August 2010

No More Economic Holidays!

Base on what I read on this article it states that the Aug 21 holiday will not be move to the nearest Monday. This means that no more long weekend for us. 

Yes I'm upset on this decision but there's nothing more we can do about it, it is the presidents right to do this argh!. but I'm totally against this! bring back the economic holiday!!!

Thursday basketball 8-10pm Acropolis Mandaluyong

Anyone wanna play? 

compilation of rules

bring 1 white and 1 dark colored jersey. (no gray jerseys pls)
sign up happens after the games
only top 20 gets to play and only top 3 in the waitlist get to gamble
waitlist is static
when you back out - your name is placed at the bottom of the list
when you just dont show - we will not place your name in the list. you have to tell us you want to play again.
you earn 1 pt (max of 10 pts, non transferable) every time you play that you are part of the top twenty.
you may use the points to get ahead in the waitlist. if two players bid the same number the person who informs me first gets the higher spot (posts vs text/call will depend on time)
pay 100 pesos per night


back out on wednesday - 100 and minus 1 pt
thursday - 100 and minus 2 pts
no show - 100 and minus 3 pts

alvin teng
maybe, just maybe dave yap once in a while
if you get in the top twenty after tuesday and back out/no show - no penalty
if you get in to the top twenty from the waitlist before tuesday we will exert due diligence in informing you. should we fail to contact you and you dont get to show up we will penalize you. we expect you to exert effort in finding out if you get in as well

if you have any questions feel free to raise them. we will always try to be fair. try being the operative word.

11 August 2010

My Entry @ YugaTech Contest: Show me your PC, win 1TB!

I'm lucky when it comes to winning in a raffle contest. I hope this will be my first.

Here is my entry for the YugaTech's Show me your PC, win 1TB

03 August 2010

Mga nag 1-2-3 sa Bus

  1. Sleeping Beauty
    • Effective ito, my mag-shuta akong nakasakay sa bus pag kasakay na pagkasakay nila upo sabay tulog agad! hahhaa.. as in parang tagal na nila na natutulog ayun pag daan nun naniningil wala silang imik kasi tulog sila haha.. pag dating dun sa bababaan nila pagkatigil na pagkatigil ng bus sila pa ang nauna bumaba.
  2. Suplado
    • Ganito pag parating na yun naniningil at sinasabi "mga wala pang ticket dyan" tapos tumigil sa iyo wag mo lang pansinin at wag mo tignan lalagapasan ka na nun, dapat pala ginagawa lang ito pag maraming pasahero para di ka talaga maalala ni manong kung hindi yari ka sa kanya hehe..
  3. NPA 
    • Parang NPA magpalipat lipat ng pwesto at wag magpapakita sa condoktor at sympre tulad ng NPA wag magpapahalata para di halata. hehe.. 
  4. Scavenger
    • Eto yun mga pasahero na kinukuha yun ticket na nakaipit sa upuan  tapos eto yun didisplay nila pag dadaan yun condoktor para pag nakita nga naman eh di na sila tatanongin lusot na diba. 
  5. Silent Mode
    • Eto yun mga pasahero naman na kahit papano my intention na mag bayad pero pag nalagpasan sila ng condoktor eh di sila iimik para iabot yun bayad, hangang sa umabot na sila sa babaan nila at baba na lang.

Cutting Classes Fail!!!

Epic Fail... Naligo sa kanal.. hahaha...

Pakiusap wag tularan ang katangahan..  hehehe...

01 August 2010

Dexter Season 5 Teaser

A story of a strange man named Dexter Morgan. Once an abused and abandoned child, Dexter is now a successful forensics pathologist...but lurking just beneath his charismatic personality is a terrible truth. Dexter has corralled his innate homicidal urges into a closely guarded second career: He hunts down and brutally murders those vicious criminals who have managed to avoid the clutches of the law... A serial killer that hunts serial killers.

I just can't wait for Dexter Season 5 series to return on September 26, 2010!!!.

27 July 2010

Burning Bus in Fort Taguig

Burning bus in front of Net Cube, Fort!

Update : short circuit according to the initial investigation.

26 July 2010


This is a good one. :) My daughter Reeyen will definitely like this movie if there would be one. hehehe...

23 July 2010

One Manga Closing

I regularly visit onemanga.com to get my weekly dose of manga but when I visited onemanga.com today I find out that they will be ending there manga services and they will gradually delete the manga's that are posted on their site there goes my weekly read. 

OneManga.com Closing Statement

"There is an end to everything, to good things as well."
It pains me to announce that this is the last week of manga reading on One Manga (!!). Manga publishers have recently changed their stance on manga scanlations and made it clear that they no longer approve of it. We have decided to abide by their wishes, and remove all manga content (regardless of licensing status) from the site. The removal of content will happen gradually (so you can at least finish some of the outstanding reading you have), but we expect all content to be gone by early next week (RIP OM July 2010).

21 July 2010

Strawberry Flavored Tea

Sa packaging palang sasabhin mo na Strawberry flavored tea ito. pero bakit ganon every time na magtitimpla ako gamit ito wala pa rin lasa. Amoy strawberry lasing wala hehe.. aangal pa ako eh libre lang naman ito sa office. Weird lang kasi bakit ganon di sya lasang strawberry pag tinimpla mo na. baka marketing strategy lang ito para mapabili ka. or para my choice ang consumer kung ano ang gusto nya na packaging hehhee... Sympre pag sawa ka na sa isang flavor lipat ka na sa ibang flavor diba pero ganon pa rin ang lasa amoy lang ang pinagbago hehhee... 

19 July 2010

16 July 2010

Will the streak end tonight

Since 3 weeks ago I have this 4 game losing streak in 2 basketball leagues, my 2 different team even had a game loosing by only 1pt and that was really heartbreaking for the team, tonight we will be having another game in one of the leagues that I'm playing with, I just hope we can get the WIN!. I hate loosing, i hope we win.. 
Update : Oh yes our teamwork paid off and we won the game last Friday convincingly..Now to continue this streak on Sunday's game.. :)
Update : The streak is still on we won last Sunday by a hairline. It's a come from behind win. whew.

ESPN : Mayweather a Coward!

This really is insane. How they named a coward Fighter Of The Year? 
Mayweather Jr. needs to man up if your really the best you got to fight the greatest fighter on the planet and that's named Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao!

14 July 2010

Summer is over, The Storms are coming

After months of drought here comes the rain, bringing rain and strong winds. 

Now the rainy season is official here in metro manila of course after being struck by storm Basyang. Strong wind struck metro manila yesterday night and followed by brownout all over metro manila, but if this brownout happens 2-3weeks ago I'm sure there would be chaos because of sheering heat it would cause.

10 July 2010

The Three Kings is introduce in Miami

Yesterday LeBron announce that he will be joining the Miami Heat together with Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade for the chase for coveted NBA (Ring) Championship.

Now LeBron and Chris Bosh are introduce in Miami. 

No doubt that this 3 can deliver but will their supporting cast deliver? The answer to this question will be answered on the coming NBA season on late October or early November. 
If you want to watch the Video Click here

09 July 2010

LBJ, DWADE, BOSH and the MIAMI Dynasty

Day's after Chris Bosh announce to join the Miami Heat, LeBron James announce that he will also be joining the Miami Heat. Who's the MVP of this movement I would say Dwayne Wade good job Wade you have a future of being a GM of an NBA team in the future. 

Now that James, Wade and Bosh are together what they need is build their supporting cast. 

LBJ's announcement 

03 July 2010

The Dunk

This shot was taken last July 1 2010, awesome isn't it!

02 July 2010

Luigi Seno

Another Pinoy is making a name for himself his name is Luigi Seno.

Watch the video to see..

01 July 2010

World's 1st Flying Car

This would be the ultimate traffic solution, coming to a skyway near you!!! The Terrafugia Transition is dubbed as the world's first flying car..

24 June 2010


This is one of my favorite picture of my daughter. Isn't she cute.. Look at those round eyes, round face.. bilog na bilog hehehe... 

22 June 2010


He was found dead on the street of I don't know where. I think the possible cause of death is due to the very hot weather here in the PI. 

image source : http://twitpic.com/1yw0jo 

21 June 2010

Cosplay at SM Megamall

One sexy cosplayer

This is a scary one

The sandals ruined his costume

another sexy cosplayer

This cosplayer is so playful with the camera



can't say anything about them

i like the chains :)

18 June 2010


I dont know if you know that you can do the 100 lives in Super mario 3. I learned about this last week from my officemate he told ne that i can do 100 lives in Super Mario 3 at first i doubt him because i thought that he's just fooling me and to my surprise he's not and he's telling the truth.

You can do this (100 lives technique) on world 3 Level 9 of mario 3. All you have to do is get the turtle and bring it to the to cannon and kick it inside and imediately go above it and you will see the cannon fire cannon ball/rocket on it and the turtle will just kill it eventually leveling up the score up to the point it will produce a 1up and all you have to do is stay there for a while and you will see your lives increase up to a 100.

Here is a video of the trick that i made. ENJOY!!!

17 June 2010


This image was taken during our company outing. 
Edited in Photoshop CS4


Let me introduce myself I'm look at the title.

Things you want to know about me.
  • I'm a software developer by profession
  • I like playing
    • Basketball
    • Football (Soccer)
    • Computer Games (Genre : Sports, Action, Strategy)
  • I like going out with friends
  • Some tell me I'm a funny guy (I am i think)
  • Etc...
Things I would post here in my blog
  • Personal stuff that is worth to share like my rants, rave, experiences, tips, etc...
  • Techie stuff like computers, gadgets, games, software
  • Programming (I'm a software developer I might as well post some useful codes that I made that can help software developers like me.
  • Sports (Basketball, Football, Boxing, any sports of my interest...)
  • Etc... (I think I can post anything I want since this is my blog right?
Oh yeah before I forgot you can follow me at twitter http://www.twitter.com/zoul1380

no questions? great!