31 March 2011

Day 90 : Thursday Basketball

Thursday Basketball

24 March 2011

15 March 2011

Day 71 : Going back

the view from my window going back to manila from kalibo... i want to go back to boracay!!!

Day 70 : Headstrong Bag

This is my Headstrong bag...

13 March 2011

Day 69 : Wall Flower

saw this flower blooming on a wall.. but where is the wall of course it's there, my camera just did not get it.. :)

10 March 2011

Day 67 : It's a Plane

look it's a plane. it's a bird! No it is a Plane! 

05 March 2011

Day 62 : Top Park

It seems like there's a park on top of the Enterprise building in Makati.

04 March 2011

Day 61 : My Broken Canon 50mm 1.8f Lens...

This is my 50mm lens split into two. What happen? my baby ask me to take her picture so I told her to get my camera bag where my camera is located, she open the closet and grab the bag and she dropped it, well it's okay since she is always doing that when getting my camera. then when I get my camera out of the bag to my surprise I saw my 50mm f1.8 split into two pieces. great!!!... :)

03 March 2011

Day 60 : Popcorn

Holy Kettle Corn is one of the best popcorn I've tasted!

01 March 2011