24 June 2010


This is one of my favorite picture of my daughter. Isn't she cute.. Look at those round eyes, round face.. bilog na bilog hehehe... 

22 June 2010


He was found dead on the street of I don't know where. I think the possible cause of death is due to the very hot weather here in the PI. 

image source : http://twitpic.com/1yw0jo 

21 June 2010

Cosplay at SM Megamall

One sexy cosplayer

This is a scary one

The sandals ruined his costume

another sexy cosplayer

This cosplayer is so playful with the camera



can't say anything about them

i like the chains :)

18 June 2010


I dont know if you know that you can do the 100 lives in Super mario 3. I learned about this last week from my officemate he told ne that i can do 100 lives in Super Mario 3 at first i doubt him because i thought that he's just fooling me and to my surprise he's not and he's telling the truth.

You can do this (100 lives technique) on world 3 Level 9 of mario 3. All you have to do is get the turtle and bring it to the to cannon and kick it inside and imediately go above it and you will see the cannon fire cannon ball/rocket on it and the turtle will just kill it eventually leveling up the score up to the point it will produce a 1up and all you have to do is stay there for a while and you will see your lives increase up to a 100.

Here is a video of the trick that i made. ENJOY!!!

17 June 2010


This image was taken during our company outing. 
Edited in Photoshop CS4


Let me introduce myself I'm look at the title.

Things you want to know about me.
  • I'm a software developer by profession
  • I like playing
    • Basketball
    • Football (Soccer)
    • Computer Games (Genre : Sports, Action, Strategy)
  • I like going out with friends
  • Some tell me I'm a funny guy (I am i think)
  • Etc...
Things I would post here in my blog
  • Personal stuff that is worth to share like my rants, rave, experiences, tips, etc...
  • Techie stuff like computers, gadgets, games, software
  • Programming (I'm a software developer I might as well post some useful codes that I made that can help software developers like me.
  • Sports (Basketball, Football, Boxing, any sports of my interest...)
  • Etc... (I think I can post anything I want since this is my blog right?
Oh yeah before I forgot you can follow me at twitter http://www.twitter.com/zoul1380

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