23 November 2011

Starbucks Planner the cheapest way

Want to get a Starbucks planner sticker for less than a 100 bucks?

Last week I realize that I can get a Starbucks stickers for less than a 100 bucks by buying their Tall Iced Tea  it will only cost you 95 bucks, and it will give you 1 sticker on your promo card :)

If you want you can also buy the Grande Ice tea it will cost you 105 bucks.. :)

image is from sulit.com.ph


  1. 95 x 17 ( I’m not sure how many cups are really needed) = 1,600++

    Im selling the starbucks korea planners for only 1,300 (7% promo available till tomorrow)

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  2. thats another nice option jegs.

    but for me i still want my beverage and get my planner at the same time :) i think the planner doesn't cost that much if you'll be having your beverage. 50% for the beverage 50% for the planner :)